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So laying in bed-alone- tonight, I realized a few things. 1) that I am alone and I miss my fiancé 2) I would be greatful if someone even smiled at me today, 3) I miss the loving touch of him, even just knowing he's there 4) I knew days like this would be coming but I kept putting off the feelings and now here they are, exploding.

I miss the days where we could just lay in bed all day, just staring into each others eyes without a single care in the world. I miss the feeling if being safe in someone's arms and being loved.
I don't get that luxury. I am so jealous of every couple I see, going grocery shopping, doing anything together. They don't even appreciate the other persons company, and here I am, crying on a daily basis because I don't get to see my fiancé for months at a time and only get to see him 7 days in between those long painful months. It makes me sick.

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