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I wonder why people decide to be so confusing. I understand the psychology behind people, the involuntary things. I do not understand the involuntary things we do. Why people are so rude. Why people are so unkind with their words and cannot find room in their hearts for others.
There are so many people out there in the world that want nothing but to be herd and listened to. If it would only take 5 minutes out of your day, and mean the world to that one person, wouldn't you do it? Just taking a couple minutes to listen to someone who is hurt, and let them know it will be okay could turn their day ( or even life) around. Knowing how easy it is to make a difference, don't you want to make one? Even just giving someone half of a second of your time by smiling at someone who looks down. This really isn't that hard. And I bet people would feel alot better about themselves after helping someone out for 5 minutes versus a 5 minute rude comment. Who knows: that person could turn around and help you out as well in the future. People are so kind, but we often do not utilize that aspect because it is easier to be rude or just ignore strangers. But your day will be alot better and feel alot more complete if you just help someone out who is in need, even if it only means a smile. Thanks for your time everyone(:

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